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Read the text below. For questions (2–6) choose the correct answer (A,Б,В,Г)

Hollywood’s First Child Star
At the height of her career, "Baby" Marie Osborne was one of the most popular actresses in the world, said The Times. Driven round Hollywood in a limousine, she earned every few weeks what the average American took home annually. She was just five years old. Arguably the first significant child star in movie history, she struggled (like those who came after) to adjust to adult life, and found herself reduced to poverty as quickly as she had risen to riches. Or as Osborne herself once noted, "I set the trend for virtually every other child star who followed."

She was born Helen Alice Myers in Colorado, and was adopted at the age of three months. Her new parents took her to Los Angeles, where they worked in the movie industry. Little Marie, as they called her, was spotted on set by the actor and director Henry King, who cast her in a string of films that exploited her winsome charms. The most famous was Little Mary Sunshine (1916). The film was a hit with both cinema-goers and critics, one of whom was so moved by Osborne’s performance that he called it "a revelation in art."

Osborne’s life had as many reversals as her films’ plots, said The New York Times. On retiring at eight, she discovered her parents had blown her fortune. But while working as a shop-assistant in her 20s, she learned her real father had left her a large sum of money. With the help of King, she re-entered the movie business, acting as a stand-in for stars such as Ginger Rogers. Later, she reinvented herself as a costumer - work she far preferred, she said, to being an actress. Films on which she earned a credit included Cleopatra and The Godfather Part II.

№3. According to the text, everything is true, EXCEPT__________.


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