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Read the text below. For questions (9–18) choose the correct answer (A,Б,В,Г)

Cherish Your Friends
Our high school years are the defining times in our lives that (9)__________ who we are, where we are going, and what we are going to do. Aside from this, they (10)__________ us to build strong friendships with people. We get to see which people are going to be there for the (11)__________ of our lives and those who will just disappear over the years. A friend is someone who is there for you, through it all. Through the pressure, and drama, they are the one (12)__________ thing in your life that never fades away. I have realized at the (13)__________ of sixteen that friends are not something you should take lightly, if we have found even just a (14)__________ we are blessed. They are the people that we sing our lungs out in the car shouting "Glamorous", the people we cry to, and most (15) __________ the people who will always have a shoulder to (16)__________on. It is essential to evaluate your (17)__________ with your friends. You can see if they are the people you can go to with anything or if they are just another face in the (18)__________ when you have a serious issue going on.



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