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Read the text below. For questions (9–18) choose the correct answer (A,Б,В,Г)

The Meaning of Monkey Talk
Krak! Hok! Boom! These might sound (9)________ random noises to us, but to a species of monkey living in Ivory Coast, they (10) ________ a very specific meaning. During (11)________ studies of the Campbell’s monkeys in the Tai National Park, naturalists (12)________ that when the monkeys spotted a leopard on the prowl, they would cry "Krak!" to (13)________ other members of their group of the danger. A hok, by (14)_____, alerted other monkeys that a crowned eagle was circling overhead. Boom seemed only to indicate that a branch had broken (15)________ a nearby tree. What particularly intrigued the researchers, however, was the fact that the creatures weren’t just (16)________ certain sounds to certain events, but seemed to have developed a kind of syntax. Sometimes, for instance, a monkey would add an oo sound to one of the above-mentioned noises, to suggest a(an) (17)________ but more general threat: so krak-oo would mean that there was danger, but not (18)________ from a leopard. The language of the Campbell’s monkeys may be "the most complex example of `proto-syntax` in animal communication known to date", the researchers told.



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