Зовнішнє незалежне оцінювання в Україні, оригінальний тест ЗНО 2013 року.

Оригінальний ЗНО тест 2013 року з «Англійської мови»

Read the text below. For questions (9–18) choose the correct answer (A,Б,В,Г)

The story of the Sugarbabes starts with two self-confident eight-year-old friends from London who (9)___________ a hatred of maths but loved singing (10)___________ to the radio. Mutya and Keisha then met Siobhan who joined then "gang" They (11)___________ writing and singing and at fourteen the group (12)___________ their first record deal Just two years later, when their classmates were studying for their exams, the girls (13)___________ their first alburn, the incredibly cool One Touch. But it wasn’t as easy as it (14)___________. The album didn’t get publicity and Siobhau decided to leave the group.

Keisha and Mutya advertised for another girl but did not want to (15)________ the group name "We wanted someone who could sing and had her own ideas," they said. That was Heidi. Heidi used to be in the giilband Atomic Kitten but she left because she never quite (16)___________ in. Heidi was desperate to sing live m concerts and do her own writing — and she soon realised that she would never be able to do this in a "manufactured" band. Her love of urban music (17)___________ her the peifect Sugarbabe The three became friends as soon as they met and (18)___________ to write and record the huge Angels with Dirty Faces album.



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