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№8. Read the text below. Choose from (A – З) the one which best fits each of (1 – 6). There are two choices you do not need to use.

Amazon Parrots
Amazon parrots are native to the New World. Indeed, (1)___________ that he brought back to Europe after his first voyage here. There are 27 species of Amazon parrots. Most parrot species are bred successfully in captivity and several types of Amazons are available from breeders and pet stores here in Canada. Prices generally range, depending on the species, from $800 to $1600, (2)___________.

Amazon parrots are very good at talking and imitating sounds. One test subject, Alex – a parrot, can name about 40 objects, identify seven different colours, and say whether the two objects are same or different; and indisputably, (3)___________. Studies put the intelligence of these feathered chatterboxes on the same level as three-year-old humans, dolphins and monkeys.

Amazons are actually very similar in personality to monkeys. Parrots are very energetic, playful, social creatures that crave lots of interaction with their human owners. The best pet birds are hand-raised and have bonded early with human companions. More than other parrot species, (4)___________. They can be, at different times, loud, quiet, stubborn, silly, playfully aggressive of irritable. They will play and fight with their toys for hours on end (5)___________. Sometimes, an Amazon may temporarily become quite aggressive. Careless owners have had fingers or ears bitten.

You really have to understand your bird’s mood and behaviours (6)___________. Amazon parrots are definitely not for all pet owners, they need much more love and attention than most people would expect. Owning an Amazon is very similar to owning a dog with wings.

  • Аwith a premium paid for the breeds that are considered to be better “talkers”
  • Бeven rolling over on their backs to juggle a ball or play with some string
  • Вthe research has clearly shown that it is very intelligent and will speak in context
  • Гas the trickier aspect of owning an Amazon parrot
  • Дand talking ability will vary from species to species and from bird to bird
  • ЕChristopher Columbus himself apparently gave the name “Amazon” to the green. Short winged parrots
  • Жthey also love being around people, and they are particularly good at speaking
  • ЗAmazons are well known for their strong or often moody characters



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