Зовнішнє незалежне оцінювання в Україні, оригінальний тест ЗНО 2012 року.

Оригінальний ЗНО тест 2012 року з «Англійської мови»

Read the text below. For questions (9–18) choose the correct answer (A,Б,В,Г)

The Harry Porter Film Takes $168m to Break Ticket Records

The (9)_________ Harry Potter movie has shattered box office records in the US and Canada, taking $168m over its opening weekend.
Harry Potter and tht Deathly Hallows: Part 2 had already made $92.1 m on its Opening day, said the films distributor, Warner Bros. The (10)__________opening weekend record was held (11)__________ Batman film The Dark Knight, (12)__________ took $10m.

The Potter film is the eighth movie in the hugely popular franchise. Fans around the world (13)__________ for hours to be among the first to see the film, which was based on the second part of JK Rowling’s seventh and final book in the series.

Most cinemas were showing the film in 3D, which slightly increased the ticket (14)_________. The (15)_________ Potter film series has so far earned more than £4bn worldwide, not including the final film’s takings so far. Internationally, the film had taken $157.5m by Friday. "A billion dollars is (16)__________ going to happen," said Dan Fellman, head of domestic distribution at Warner Bros. It has been 10 years (17)__________ the first movie in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was (18)__________. It made stars of its young cast Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.



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