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№9. Read the text below. Choose from (A – З) the one which best fits each of (1 – 6). There are two choices you do not need to use.

100 Years Old and Still Doing Her Bit for Others
100-year-old woman who is still an active volunteer at her local hospital has vowed to keep going.
Betty Lowe, (1)________, was awarded the Member of the Order of the British Empire 12 years ago for her contribution to the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service, a charity that provides a range of services for vulnerable people who might otherwise feel lonely.
She still helps out at her local WRVS shop at Hope Hospital, Salford, (2)________ so that it can offer services from meals on wheels for elderly people to welfare centres for soldiers in the Army.
The active lady, (3)________ and had to attend an open-air school, is also still involved with the Girl Guides, 89 years after she first joined.
Miss Lowe said: “I’ve been in the guides since I was 11. I was very interested in it and I used to go camping and walking. I was a bit of an outdoor girl when I was younger.”
She progressed to being a guide leader, a role in which she introduced hundreds of teenage girls to the organisation, running annual camping trips, and is still a member of the Trefoil Guild, an organisation of more than 20,000 members (4)________.
She said: “I’ve been involved with the WRVS for 34 years and I still do half a day a week.”
She never married or had children, but her nephew Peter Lowe says (5)________ and bakes dozens of cakes for relatives.
Mr. Lowe said: “She has a massive circle of friends and we all think she is marvellous. I think she loves being active. She doesn’t like sitting around doing nothing.”
Miss Lowe had a run of accidents before her birthday, spending a week in hospital after a fall at home and suffering whiplash in a car accident while being driven to her nephew’s house. But (6)________ and more than 100 friends and relatives turned up to congratulate her on her centenary.
She said: “I think it’s very good to be 100. I’ve enjoyed all my life.”
  • Аwhich raises money for the charity
  • Бshe had a party to celebrate
  • Вshe always liked children very much
  • Гwho has spent her life volunteering
  • Дwho was considered a sickly child
  • Еwho is known for her delicious cakes
  • Жwho have been involved with the Guides or Scouts
  • Зshe spends lots of time with the family



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