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You’re Amazing, So Make Sure People Know It
When it comes to telling the world how wonderful you are, there’s a fine line between having other people think, “Wow! She’s got so much more about her than I thought” and “Blimey! I wish she’d shut up about herself”. It’s easy enough to let everyone around you know you’re something special – the trick is doing it without trying too hard or looking like an attention seeker. So here’s how to get the attention you deserve without screaming, “Look at me!”

  • 1________ Being loud isn’t a good way to get noticed. Quietness and a smile can be more interesting than someone who blurts everything out constantly. Be cool instead, and show people what you’re really about, rather than shouting it in their faces.
  • 2________ It may be tempting to try to bluff your way through a conversation. But if you don’t know much about the subject being discussed, you’ll get more kudos if you shut up and listen. You can’t lose – get your facts right and people will respect your wisdom, or stay quiet if you’re unsure and people will appreciate your honesty.
  • 3________ Toning down your gossip factor will show there’s much more to you than people may think. Your mates will trust you and your reputation will sky-rocket. Gossiping gives negative vibes to other people.
  • 4________ Choose things to do that you love doing and not because everyone else is doing them. If you are passionate about something, and enjoying it, you’ll have more energy and people will be attracted to you – and you might even be the person who starts a new trend.
  • 5________ We may not be superhuman beings, but remember, each and every one of us has something going on that’s worth shouting about. It’s a fact – everyone is an individual and that’s what makes you who you are. Be proud of why you’re different. If you love who you are, people are more likely to love you too.
  • АWe are talented!
  • БAccept yourself for what you are.
  • ВDon’t pretend you know everything.
  • ГIdle talk is a bad habit.
  • ДTry to act in good faith.
  • ЕDon’t talk behind people’s back.
  • ЖKeep your voice down.
  • ЗBe original.



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